Friday, August 08, 2003

.. well, yes .. I'd have to say that page doesn't hold a candle to ours. Not even some sort of bioluminescent algae, even.
Really though, Jared .. you writing about washing dishes and wiping tables. This won't help the cleaning paraphernalia advers go away. So I've prepared (err .. whatever) this random list of terms. Who knows what fun could come of it.
blood, goat-cheese, East Enders, Azerbaijan, bristled ostrich warts, vivisection, supple, cavity, assimilate, beguile, frond, usurper, Heimlich, tsunami, letimotif, queue.
And how about some more blood, a bit of grog, and a few wenches just to keep things interesting, somewhat Beatlike, and vaguely Pirate-ish to boot. ARRRR!!!

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