Saturday, March 01, 2008

Dylan's condition is not well. From the Facebook group “Dylan Lindgren”:

Dylan has been in the hospital since the beginning of February. The doctors have now given him at most ten days. He has declined any further treatment from the doctors, opting to spend his last days as alert and unfettered as possible so that he can talk to friends and family. They are trying to keep him as comfortable as possible with morphine, however, his breathing is very labored and he has difficulty holding his head up. He is alert as of right now, and can follow conversations.

Thanks to everyone for showing how much you love and care for Dylan. He is truly grateful for all you've done for him and, I think, genuinely surprised to know we all care about him so much.

During this really difficult time, please keep Dylan and his family and friends in your prayers.

Today Oatess, Dunn, Naomi, and I visited him at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. August was there, and Ryan is coming later. Dylan was too weak to laugh or tell stories but his good nature and inner strength is unflappable as always.

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