Saturday, April 12, 2003

Beat Night I was a huge success. We'll definitely be doing that again sometime for anyone who wants to come and especially for those who were otherwise engaged last night. We'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Tonight, in a last-ditch attempt at procrastination, I sold out and started my own blog (he said with a sigh). You can find it at There's not much there yet, but then, it's not 2:30 in the morning yet.
Bed: What's That
I sit here at the desk:
Cluttered, grimy, loose skin and paper.
Keyboard! Under my hands.
Keyboard! Clacking away.
Keyboard! Keeps me awake.
Keyboard! Purveyor of wisdom.
Keyboard! Joy of my soul.
Keyboard! Terror of my existence.
Keyboard! Romancer of my fingerprints.
Keyboard! Jealous of my dark deep sheets.
Keyboard keyboard keyboard keyboard!
The keyboard beckons the typists
To sit and live and love
And never to sleep in the blackened night.


Monday, April 07, 2003

Beat Night

Residents of the Beat are proud to announce the first-ever Beat Night. Friday, April 11 here at the house. Ginsberg, Kerouac, and coffee abound. Stop on by and watch the happening happen.

Ode to our departed Rug (a sonnet)-

Ye catacomb of filth and ageless dirt
Beneath our feet, the poor untrodden mile
Is here collected in a filthy pile,
And with the woven polyester girt.
No vain attempt to vacuum sucks your weave,
No toe transgresses but by you defiled.
Upon the floor, an undulating wild;
No flat, unbending surface I perceive.
Believe you that your status is secure,
That never will you suffer by the Beat
To be forsaken, tossed into the street
If only that your past had been secure?
Oh, think not that, and soon shall this you learn,
That if not clean or useful, shall you burn.

-nate wazoo
Welcome to The Beat

Defn: Beatnik (1958)--A person who rejects the mores of established society (as by behaving unconventionally) and indulging in exotic philosophizing and self-expression.

"Hillsdale College is entrenched in time honored tradition. Because we have been indoctrinated with this sacred ideal, we wanted to establish our own tradition. This blog establishes our tradition.

--from the picture archive of THE BEAT, as paraphrased by the Gugg upon the founding of this illustrious item of web-lore.

But to speak for myself, the Beat has been the first home I have ever really had away from home. The constant mess, the piles of unwashed dishes, the mountains of dirty clothes, the unsmoked or half-smoked tobacco on the porch, the loud music, stenchiferous "safety"s from Sato, late nights with beer and theology in Seraphim's room, the dart board on the sadly perforated wall and a thousand other small quirks of this, the finest off-campus establishment ever conceived have contributed to make this, my senior year at Hillsdale College, one of the best of my life.

But enough of nostalgia. This blog is hereby established to permit any who desire to visit a small corner of the Beat any time they might wish to do so. Our doors never close. The beer may flow less freely here than in reality, but the bad jokes will be in no way scarcer than the material Beat. For, indeed, Wazoo will always be here.

That said, ENJOY!!