Friday, January 20, 2006

Life at The Beat; or, The Day After I Met the Whole Sick Crew

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

to what extent we don't know all the words

The house is mostly back in order. The kitchen, bathroom and foyer/mail room all clean, and maybe as clean as they've ever been, and new light bulbs up and on. Thanks to those who helped and the rest of you owe us. Ryan's room is sweet and bigger than either Jared or Lee ever realized.

The place is mostly back to normal, w. classes started today and a chill party a few days ago complete with a banjo-led sing-a-long of Wagon Wheel and Who's Got the Crack (because none of us know all the words). It it feels a little empty, though, as we realize to what extent Lee really was larger than life.

A poem for the vegatarians amoung us:

Language comes from meat. Without meat,
There’s no language. It’s too obvious.

Meaty words shaped and rolled by a meaty tongue,
Such as tender, juicy or sliced, for example, would be
Meaningless without the muscles, tendons and fat
That wrap around bones. Words such as dead, lovely,
Haggard, touch, desire or satisfaction. Further,

Everyday language is overstuffed with meat.
Don’t you slander my meat. A piece of meat,
She turned down such prime meat.
          - Linh Dinh

Sunday, January 15, 2006

A very merry fuck you to Gunner, Bob, etc. for graciously destroying our house after Silliman worked his ass off cleaning it up. Passive-aggressive? Yes and fuck you.