Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lee who?

I either have to assume that this -- While there were many highlights to the week long trip, the [White House] Fellows were especially appreciative of Lee Nunn. Aside from assisting with planning and logistics, Lee also introduced the Fellows to wild jumping salmon and the grizzly bears who love to eat them ... He told stories ranging from his tour in Vietnam to his fellowship in the Nixon administration and beyond. Yes, Fellows…There is life after the fellowship. With his actions, Lee set a high bar for this class as it transitions to alumni status. -- is not our Lee Nunn. Or I have to believe that he's taken his "mama bear" powers and chosen to use them for a chummy, lets-all-sing-a-chorus-of-he's-a-jolly-good-fellow type evil.

Lee, if you're going to betray us for evil, it better not be a salmon-watching trip for some suits. Also, I demand stories ranging from your time with Nixon to your days in 'Nam.

And Dave says, "Yatchs?"

Photo by Tony Gonzalez