Saturday, April 26, 2003

POTS, KETTLES: I invite all y'all (even you Beat types) to come down to Fort Wayne for the Paschal service. Its beauty, joy and solemnity will surpass anything seen or dreamt of in your flimsy quasi-American religious heritages. Plus, we'll have some great food afterwards. Every fast leads to a feast, ya know.

All are welcome to sleep at my house if you don't want to drive home (it will be over around 3 a.m.).

Speaking of celebrations, we're having one at the Beat this Friday (that okay, guys?). It's supposed to be a wing-dinger, end-of-the-year, this-is-the-classicists'-attempt-to-make-up-for-less-parties, combination-of-all-the-parties-we-wanted-to-have kind of ordeal.

Here are some of the possible motifs (of which I imagine there will be a combo):

1) End of the year hoorah
2) Meet the lovely Anna, my girlfriend
3) Toga party
4) Costume party
5) Take a break from finals
6) Beer
7) Burning of various items
8) Silliman vs. Sato: The perpetual brawl that has come to blows! Don't miss this grudge match between two of the most notorious loud-mouths on campus!

The list goes on...
Well, this weekend is "Easter weekend" for the two heathens that live downstairs. We keep trying to tell them, "Hey, Danck, Gugg: Get with the program, Easter was last Sunday," but they just say, "No, we prefer to deny the existence of the moon." Well, at least that's the general timbre of the conversation. But hey, if them thinking last night was Good Friday means they aren't around to leave more dirty dishes lying around every-which-way, then I suppose I can quietly sit by while they bow to Mammon sometimes.
Ya voy.

Friday, April 25, 2003

OH BABY: I'll be posting the Collegian article about the Beat soon.

On a different note, I think this quote, from Ermenric of Ellwangen, is fitting for us:

"Since even as dung spread upon the field enriches it to good harvest, so the filthy writing of the pagan poets are a mighty aid to divine eloquence."

No wonder we keep Sato's hampster-thingys around here!
This the much-maligned Gugg posting something to demonstrate to one ignorant Richter type how to do so. He wants to be able to post here--I told him nothing doing. :)

It was fun.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

All, welcome Prosp3ct to the blog!

In other news, I finally remedied Gugg's laziness and hooked us up with some feedback links, as you can see.
.. like a fox!
Well, we Beatniks had a rather... let's say "interesting" write-up in the Collegian today. It wasn't bad, but it certainly paled in comparison to Krupa's drunken ramblings. At least it mentioned our favorite housemate, Drowning Bob.
Regarding the previous post: This man does not represent us.

From Wazoo: I should note that, under more normal circumstances, Mr. J. Anthony Cook would probably love a movie with talking and singing animated vegetables. This time, however, he lacked a few necessary elements in his usual fortnightly television vigil - namely, Guinness and Sam Adams Lager. Which also means, incidentally, that he was in no danger of declaring his eternal romantic affections to anyone.
And I got his permission to say that.