Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Guys, it is time to bring back the debauch.

Who can remember when all The Beat guys were drunk in the same room? The only hang-over I've had in the last month I got drinking by myself in the living room. The point is that no Beat guy should ever have to get drunk in the living room alone. No Beat guy should ever have to drink alone period.

This is a sad and disappointing state of affairs. This is a pathetic and anti-climactic conclusion to a long legacy of drunken debaunchery. This is shameful. Something must be done.

Yes, we all are broke. But that's why they have cheap shit.

Yes, we all have classes. But In Pigritia Victoria.

Yes, we all have shit going on. But it's time to fuck that shit.

I have been the worst of us all, no doubt. But when I get back from work tonight I will be scouring for booze and drinking too much of what I find. Dylan, of course, deserves praise here for being the only one of us to keep up the pace.

In conclusion: guys, it is time to bring back the debauch.