Thursday, July 27, 2006

Much luv to the new class. To every one of you, and you each know that.

All I ask, really, is if you rock out "Holla" by Ghostface periodically throughout the year.

...And send me somethin wrapped up pretty in coffee beans to disguise the scent.
Beat Off '06-07

There was some speculation last semester that we might lose the house - that the Beat as we know it would cease to exist. Some people heard talk of track guys or IV guys replacing us.

Let me squash the rumors now. The Beat continues.

I guess it was pretty obvious that it would. We signed the lease in May. But! in case any casual readers were wondering, that's the status.

That said, Friday, Aug. 18th. I'm buying a shitton of PBR and smokes to welcome the new and returning members. Those members are:

Econ Schonert
Jonathan Dunn
Dylan Lindgren
August Stafford
Chase Purdy
Ryan Leng

w/ ostensibly our honorary drifter, Tony Gonzalez, who is really our manservant/sexual slave.

I hope things are going to be as good as in previous years. Last years guys will all be missed.

Hope to see some people on the 18th.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Gary and Len were born 3,000 years ago in ancient Hong Kong and knew all the names of the forgotten gods.

In his earliest years, Len's dinosaur phase taught him of the fleetingness of power. That settled, he never sought imperial office. Gary, however, was the first youngster to learn to ride his Big Wheel, and the taste of domination was there implanted.

A series of vacuums of power, coupled with Gary's ability to sneeze in threes, blew him onto the imperial throne. Len attended a prestigious music school and grew fond of the sitar.

During the emergence of the Han Dynasty, the brothers rendezvoused in modern-day Guam and returned to China with the gift of fireworks.

They piddled about.

In 1784 the pair washed up on the shores of Nevis. Taken for dead, a seafaring merchant nursed the brothers. Their vim and vigor restored, they took residence in Portugal. Now fluent in the languages of four continents, Gary matriculated to Oxford University, while Len buried the Portuguese rock sitar tablets in a manmade mountain beneath loose soil.

Gary is the mythological father of Gary, Indiana. Len could duke in the litter box and be out before it hit the sand.

Seen in this photograph, taken in 1951, Gary and Len are caught in a rare non-action shot, the last image of the now-missing brothers.

[photo of Gary and Len]

Boys, say hello to Gary and Len, found at “102,000 Old Books” in Allen, Michigan.