Thursday, August 28, 2003

Sato's birthday went quite well last night. Professoress York was over here until the wee hours, packin' 'em down and having a wonderful time with the rest of us. There were more Honors Freshmen than I've ever seen at any kind of legitimate social function before, which says a lot for this class. Speaking well for the party, Nik said she was having a good time, which I don't think has ever happened at a party we've thrown. Sato's food was tremendous. The house was clean. The new strobe light was a hit, albeit a small one. Four professors were here. All in all, quite the success.
As one can see, there is now a brief alum section over in the sidebar. It's a work in progress, certainly, and I'm not sure where we want to go with it. As it is, there's something to start with/work with.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

A SUGGESTION TO THE MAN: Could we add a little alumni section on the left column, equipped with fitting descriptions, or are we not worthy now that we are gone?
Hey, Hey, the Gang's all Here
As of last night, all of this year's Beatniks are now in residence. Phil and Wazoo are snug in their little room, and Bjorn finally showed up in the dead of night.

Today truly is an occasion, as we are all here, Mars is close, and Sato is 21. Come on over for the festivities.
Blah...I hate packing. You guys who just moved IN to the Beat are so lucky...don't have to worry about that for another year.