Friday, August 08, 2003

A gallant effort there Prosp3ct...but it didn't help...this time we have ads for Wood Floor Cleaner (the Special Safe Streak Free Formula) and for Soien Wood Oil Soap. The funny thing is, the Beat doesn't even HAVE any real wood floors. Oh well.
.. well, yes .. I'd have to say that page doesn't hold a candle to ours. Not even some sort of bioluminescent algae, even.
Really though, Jared .. you writing about washing dishes and wiping tables. This won't help the cleaning paraphernalia advers go away. So I've prepared (err .. whatever) this random list of terms. Who knows what fun could come of it.
blood, goat-cheese, East Enders, Azerbaijan, bristled ostrich warts, vivisection, supple, cavity, assimilate, beguile, frond, usurper, Heimlich, tsunami, letimotif, queue.
And how about some more blood, a bit of grog, and a few wenches just to keep things interesting, somewhat Beatlike, and vaguely Pirate-ish to boot. ARRRR!!!
Here is a link for us all to examine. A competitor to us here at BeatBlog...A blog called "The Beat"

To my mind, it can't hold a candle to us.

Incidental thanks to Mr. G. Konrad LaPrade for pointing it out to me.
Well, what do you expect? If you center a blog around a house, you get house stuff. Though you'd think we'd get some ads recognizing Wazoo's bad rug poem early on in the life of the blog. You know: "World's worst poetry here--come and be nauseated!" Or something like that.

In other news, Seraphim pointed out to me the other day that my summer room in his parent's house is the same as my room at the Beat...junk piled high against all the walls, but a clear floor in the center of the room. It appears I like it that way. But fear not--the Guggian ways will soon change--for blessed matrimony looms, with the Valedictorian of the Class of 2003 and the world's greatest Neatnik. A Beatnik and a Neatnik...a match made in heaven. Or in a dirty kitchen. Which brings up a little word to the wise. Dish washing is a very romantic activity if a man has in mind to woo a woman well. And competence at wiping a table will make her swoon. Almost.

Try really works.