Thursday, October 02, 2003

My Hammond has a first name .. its S-P-L-E-E-N ..
My Hammond has a second name is P-I-N- ..
wait a minute. Crap. NO it doesn't. Its just a big stupid organ that's taking up a bunch of space. What the hell was I thinking?! STUPID STUPID ..

Monday, September 29, 2003

Tales from the Upstairs Closet

Silliman wants some stories about the organ, eh? Well, for now, this is, sadly, as exciting as it gets.
The Organ (I think we should name him "Spleen") has finally found a home. Migrating first from the back hall to the kitchen, it slowly worked its way up the stairs to what had been Wazoo's room, and was The Beaver's room before that. There it sat, for days upon days, in the middle of the glorified closet, merely taking up space that nobody was bothering to use. Then came the fateful day of... *du dum dauuuhhm* the arrival of Phil's PS2! Sitting on the floor unused (as Phil refuses to buy any Playstation games) in the main room, he finally decided to move it upstairs to the other TV. Hating the current location of Spleen, he and Wazoo (I believe; if Wazoo had no part in this, correct me) found a nice spot for it next to the keyboard.

Now that the PS2 is connected, I had an idea for a low-key party that would be very much in-line with the way we often do things around here. Some night, when we're all really bored in the dead of winter, we get every DVD-capable machine playing a movie. Everyone picks one to start with, and then switches every 20 minutes, give or take. By my count we can get at least five, probably six, flicks playing, and given some of our selection options, it could prove to be a pretty... interesting result. Allow me to repeat, "When we're all really bored." And maybe whoever is watching one on the Playstation can provide their own score on The Spleen.

Sunday, September 28, 2003

Gugg: You are so fired. You want a blog for your dorm, you go ahead and make one, but step back from the brink, man. We may be negligent of the blog as of late, yes, but that's no excuse to say we've "abdicated" jack or squat.