Monday, December 08, 2008

I was going to leave this as a comment on Perry's blog but sometimes it is intimidating leaving comments places where people who are probably wittier than you might read them. Fuck all.

Everytime I get a call from someone, I try to write down their number and the date they called, because I want to keep the numbers up-to-date and I don't trust my office phone's memory or my cell phone's address list. I have many pieces of paper lying about my office with scribbled names, dates and numbers on them...I think it freaks people out. I try not to answer my phone unless I know who it is, in order to make sure, I have to reference my scribbled notes, which takes too fucking long...thus the person ends up leaving a message, which I don't want to listen to because it will be so fucking long and their number may or may not be at the end of it.

I'm growing a beard, I'm going for that Ted Kaczynski look (I almost didn't include that part because I wasn't sure how to spell Kaczynski). I also wear a waist coat sometimes but it isn't as cool you would think. I realized this weekend that I hadn't worn jeans in over a month...I immediatly retrieved a pair from my dresser and put them on, fearing that if I didn't, I would start laughing on the inhale.