Saturday, October 28, 2006

Silliman, Dave, Harvy, Bob and Gibs, I need you guys to go to a tailor and get measured for tuxes (including shoe sizes). I think I've picked out the tuxes, complete with waistcoats and bowties.

Yes Bob, we're letting you wear a tux too and not the lovely bridesmaid dress I had originally suggested.

Festivities begin on the 29th with our rehearsal dinner at the and nachos, need I say more?
I thought of you all when I saw this manatee fighting the void by doing the stupidest possible thing he could do. I tried to explain to my co-workers at the newspaper that the manatee, specifically the manatee smoking a cowboy-killer, was the mascot of my house at school and that Dave used to draw pictures of manatees and hang them up.

I don't think they understood.

For Christmas, we '06 grads should all pitch in $5 and adopt a manatee in the name of the Beat.

In Pigrattia Victoria,