Thursday, July 14, 2005

Where monkies are born every minute

I was thinking about Lee's monky, the one he doesn't have and is not bringing to the Beat. Too bad, I was thinking, a monkey'd be cool.

Heyman once had us all in stitches and all the smoking SAGA workers whispering wow with his description of how he was going to have a monkey and a turtle (working as a team). I know certain beatnik's would rather have a manatee, but really, where are we going to keep a manatee and could we fend off the attacking boat motors?

And if we can't have a manatee, we should have a monkey.

And then I was thinking, holy monky noir! Our own dear Finite is constantly tripping over to see his JewishMother in where?

Baraboo WI.

And what's in Baraboo WI?

The world flipping head quarters of the Barnum and Baily Bros. Big Top Circus. I mean, they're probably practically giving monkies away.

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