Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Beat Brothers Part Deux

Silliman: Lee's driving a Mercedes now. I'm pretty sure he's The Man. You know, not as in, "You're the man!" but-
August: Capital T, capital M The Man.
Silliman: Right.

Pause, then simultaneously

August: He bought in.
Silliman: He sold out.
August: Dude, he didn't sell out. He bought in. "Selling out" entails using a former way of life and/or friends for profit.
Silliman: He didn't buy in! He was born in! He sold his soul! That's what he sold out!


August: I think we need to post this.
Silliman: I was thinking the same thing, and I would, but I just posted.
August: I'll do it.
Silliman: Represent me fairly.

August, typing, remembers back to the weekend Bob maced him in the face, and the words Bob spoke drunkenly to Lee Nunn during the Hunter S. Thompson weekend-o-rama ring in August's ears: "As your attorney I advise you to buy a fast car with no top."

August: I guess Lee Nunn took that advice to heart.

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