Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ideas executed:

John and I decided to "hedge our bets" and go to Walmart...
  1. Condoms, 2 boxes of (hey! whoa!)
  2. Incense, 4 packs of
  3. KY warming gel + massager
  4. Incense trays, 2
Condom types, by the way, speak volumes about yourself and your pseudo-Freudian neuroses. For instance, I bought standard sized, desensitizing-for-maximum-longevity condoms. John: Magnum XL. (The thought also occurred to us that, we, as two men who ostensibly know each other, buying such products together, might be construed as Sodomites.)

Ideas waiting to be executed, which will probably never happen:

  1. Econ had the idea of setting up hidden cams all around the house. We would open up a web domain and stream live-reality TV for Kappas to pleasure themselves any time they pleased.
  2. Dylan had the idea of setting up a kegerator (sp?) in the downstairs bathroom. I think he wanted to locate it behind the mirror. This idea originated when he bought a keg and kept it in the bathroom.
  3. Jam-night, every other week, at the Beat. Open to any band that didn't suck too badly. Could possibly be for poetry (I guess) and comedy acts.

Well, that's what we're up to. Here's one of our cats.

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