Sunday, February 04, 2007

  1. The record label is "Fat Fish Music".
  2. The babies look scared as shit (especially the one on the left), like there's a douchebag from Full House hovering over them or something.
  3. Why is he sleeping in a bed in a New Mexico adobe palace court yard?
  4. The black choir is just gratuitous.
  5. That guy playing bongos is so into it.
  6. Is that a monastery they're in?
  7. And he's naked in the there with the babies.
  8. They're not even going into a bath or anything.
  9. Oh, Beach Boys.
  10. I like the "goof off" moments.
  11. He's wearing white jean overalls at one point.
  12. And trapped in a film strip.
  13. 2:06, I think they show the baby's genitals. No, I wasn't looking. Shut the fuck up.
  14. That keyboard player has a sweet vest.

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