Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hello everyone, this is my son, Ezra.

Also, I would like to second Dave's Wikipedia and Flickr suggestions. I also think we should get together in the Midwest in August, or at least all make it to the next Beat reunion Silliman's wedding.

Also, I liked how most people that were at the Beat and didn't live there could never really tell who lived there, like it didn't matter.

Also, have you guys heard of bershon? photos here


Anonymous said...

Congrats Luke!

I would like to second the reunion party of some form this summer or fall. Though, if I may suggest, August may be to late/early. I believe Silliman is leaving about that time and I will be in Florida for my sister's graduation.

And really, without Silliman and I, what kind of party can this be, except one devoid of ungainly angst.


Dave said...

Congrats Luke.

You're wang has proved mighty.

Yeah, I'm up for a reunion whenever. I don't really have a preference because I don't know when I'll be this summer..

Anonymous said...

Let's do a reunion. I'll be in the Midwest all summer.


HARVY said...

I'll be in Scotland in late July/August, so any time between may and mid july would be awesome. And congrats on the boy team larry!