Monday, June 30, 2008

For those of you who swooned @ Ron Paul, any thoughts of what you'll do come November? Thoughts about the capital-L Libertarians and Bob Barr?


Anonymous said...

Not vote for Obama or McCain is all I am sure of at this point.


dave said...

The war on drugs, the war on 'terrorism' and the war on civil liberties are out of fucking control and both McCain and Obama are piss poor on the issues.

Barr's move to the libertarianism does seem sudden, but he has been working with the ACLU and marijuana groups for a few years.

He could be genuine or very calculating, I'm not sure.

I'll vote for Barr, not because he's necessarily genuine and certainly not because he can even be compared to Ron Paul, but because he is radically more antagonistic, compared to McCain or Obama, toward the worst things in our government.

Econ said...

Protest vote for Barr. McCain is out of the question and Obama has caved on everything important that I care about except the war.