Monday, August 25, 2008

Someone reminded me about Scoutmaster and former Hillsdale College student/theocrat Hans Zeiger so I wanted to see what he doing now in light of being cut off from the warm nationalist paternal love-milk of his alma mater.

Turns out he has out-Zeigered himself and is now writing (at least part-time) for an Orthodox Anglican publication called, and I am not making this up, Virtue Online.

Since Zeiger, who claims to be stationed in Canterbury, and other writers for the site aren't reporting any news other media don't have, it seems the only purpose of Virtue Online is to elaborate on what they see as the sinfulness of gay people, people who don't hate gay people and, especially, other Anglicans who don't hate gay people.

His blogs and columns have stopped, though the Virtue Online articles could arguably be a violation of his promise to stop writing about current events. As he said in a January 2007 column:

In most activities of life, silence is the prudent thing. If words are to be used, let them be about the Savior of mankind whose incarnation we have just celebrated. Of Him, may we speak as fervently, as humbly, to one soul as we write to thousands.

Anyone else heard of any news, stories or travels of Zeiger or the Zeigerish peoples?

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