Saturday, October 04, 2008

Say what you will about Hillsdale College (I will, thank you), but Arnn is actually a good sport. After generations of getting called a pirate, for no real reason, getting a pirates flag flown from his office window (we suspect Bob, obviously), and having himself refered to as Arrrrrrrrn, he's gone ahead and accepted the joke. A tamed down version, clearly, but still, according to the Collegian, Arnn presides over an annual pirate party.

In other Collegian news, Hillsdale Hardcore is lamer than I remember. And the Manning Street racists are ridiculously aggressive.

On the other hand, Hillsdale homophobia is exactly as I remember, as you can see in the perfectly expressed in this awful driblet:

Heneveld wasn't "losing his morals,"- his Facebook "Interested In" status clearly states "women."


JHitts said...

RE: Homophobia:
There's also been a "back-and-forth" debate about this song in the Collegian's opinion section. Not sure why, really, seeing as how I'm sure it will be forgottenh in about 6 more weeks.

August. said...

I actually live with Dave, and though I generally dislike all hardcore music past, say, Minor Threat, the fact that he started a label - which actually turns a profit - isn't really "lame." It's pretty sweet - none of us had that sort of vision, to say the least.