Thursday, March 12, 2009

Look for another Collegian article about The Beat.

I just got interviewed by a girl about it. She said it was run along side a story about The Bench. I told her The Benched sucked.


JHitts said...

At least the legend lives least, it lives on for as long as Purdy and Tabor are editors at the Collegian. So, uhh...2 months?

Dave said...

Chase is the editor of the Collegian?

So that makes him and Silliman as editors. Anyone else from the Beat man the helm of The White Lady?

Daniel Silliman said...

Seraphim was the editor before me and Tony was the editor before Chase.

Anonymous said...

The Bench did suck, I never fucking paid for their damn beer or $1 shots. Getting arrested on your front porch for being a jackass and guzzling jizz =/= awesome.