Monday, March 02, 2009

To all the Beats and the Whole Sick Crew,
boys and girls,
the would-bes, the wanna-bes and the weres,
to all who ever said they'd be with me and Rockland
and all who raved with me, hysterical or naked at Hillsdale:

Come to my wedding.

Obviously, this could only happen once.

ST. John's Episcopal Church
College Park, Ga.
March 21 @ 2 p.m.


Anonymous said...

Tell everyone that your friend from Kentucky, who lives in Indiana and was married in Wisconsin, will be flying in from El Paso to attend.


JHitts said...

If only they'd invent teleportation, I'd be there.

V said...

I am counting on the Beat guys to create a party after the party when Daniel and Beth leave...just sayin. And of course, to see some of you at the party of the wedding (where there will be scandalous dancing) and the parties before...

Anonymous said...

Beat weddings are not complete until at least three of the female guest have danced on the bar.


alexis said...

and believe me, I will be dancing on a bar, and then some...

Anonymous said...

Boylan, I hear you have a special seat for the bumpy parts of the roadtrip.