Sunday, November 23, 2008

I don't need to tell you that this photo collection of students from Patrick Henry College called Right: Portraits from the Evangelical Ivy League by (my brother?) Jona Frank hits a little too close to home.

Here's a selected photo essay from Mother Jones. The interviews with some of the students are amazing — though, as you'll read, you've already met them all.

Like Shant Boyajian, 20. President of the Patrick Henry College Republicans.

"I came to the school because of the education and the professors and particularly because it was offering a Christian education from a classic liberal arts perspective."


Daniel Silliman said...

Did they ever get accredited, or are they still refusing to teach biology?

I have found, post-Hillsdale, that the school's name is unknown in places where it's rep. would hurt me. Is that true for you guys?

Daniel said...

PHC is accredited with TRACS as of Spring 2007 (and is still teaching Biology the same way as it always has). As a PHC grad I have also found it true that the school is unknown in places where its reputation would hurt me.

JHitts said...

I like his honesty about it:

"Patrick Henry draws on a clientele that's very ambitious. Whether that's artificially instilled by their parents or whether that's genuine remains to be seen, but I think the general caliber of student that Patrick Henry draws upon is very specific."

Sometimes I have the same thoughts about Hillsdale.

JHitts said...

And Silliman, as far as what you're saying, I agree. In fact, the first weekend I got here the Hillsdale women's basketball team was playing that of the Missouri U of Science and Technology in nearby Rolla. I briefly considered going decked out in all Hillsdale garb and being so obnoxious to the point of getting kicked out but I figured that would have hurt my new job so I didn't.

Anyway, the only people professionally (at this job, anyway) that have ever asked me about Hillsdale have only asked me about said women's basketball team. Kind of nice to get away from the response of, "Oh my God, I LOVE Imprimis!" to instead saying, "Man, that All-American your girls' team has is really fucking good."

dave said...

For what it's worth, I've never met anyone outside of Hillsdale that's had a moderate opinion about it.

Anyone who's heard of the college thinks it's either a City on a Hill or talk radio cult.

Anonymous said...

How charmingly you express yourself, JHitts. *Such* an impressive specimen of your school.

JHitts said...

Thanks, "anonymous," I try to rep Hillsdale College in the best way possible. Dropping f-bombs about our awesome womens' basketball team is a small step toward furthering Hillsdale's reputation on a national scale.