Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yo ho ho

What is it, exaclty, about Hillsdale and pirates?

There is Dr. Arnn's known association with pirates, dating from the start of his tenure as president, then there's Peter Leeson's Austrian-buccaneer economics and now Hillsdale alum Erik Prince is going to have his mercenary company, Blackwater, fight pirates?

What the hell people.


Anonymous said...

Hillsdale College: Educating for Libertying...and fucking pirates up.


PS. Let us not forget our most awesome pirate flag at the Beat.

Tony Gonzalez said...

If it weren't for Palin, Somali pirates would have been THE Halloween costume this year (especially if NPR got their's Somali pirates everyday on the airwaves (and I like it)).

JHitts said...

Let's also not forget that the administration stooped taking down our Koon pirate flag, and then never gave it back to us. Think Arnn hung it up in his own house?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it is in his house...hanging off his pole.

dave said...

Did we ever learn who stole the Beat pirate flag?